Clinics We Offer

Antenatal Clinics

Weekly by appointment.

Diabetic Clinic

Appointments by arrangement.

Family Planning

General advice and prescriptions are available from our family planning trained nurse, or from any of the Doctors, who can advise in all aspects of women’s health. Coil and cap fitting,and contraceptive implants by appointment.

Child Immunisation

These are held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of the month, in the afternoon. Appointments are sent by Leicestershire Health, you will need to bring your appointment card with you. Please let us know if you are unable to attend and you will be allocated a new appointment at the next available clinic.

Vaccines are ordered by clinic numbers only e.g. on a clinic by clinic basis.

If you prefer to send somebody else to accompany your child to the appointment e.g. grandparent, carer etc, please ensure that they bring a letter of consent with them. Without this consent your child cannot be vaccinated.

Please inform Bridge Park Plaza if you change address and if you child is under 16 years of age - 0116 2252525.


Blood Tests - early morning

As part of our extended hours service, on Thursday and Friday mornings, our HCA offers appointments for early morning blood tests. 

Mental Health Facilitator

A Practice Therapist is available for consultation by appointment, following referral by the doctor.

Alternatively, you can self-refer to VitaMinds.

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland: 0330 094 5595

Smoking Cessation

For help and advice to quit smoking, please click on the following link -

Alternatively you can contact the free national Smokefree Helpine on 0300 123 1044 to speak to an advisor, Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am - 4.00pm. 

Health checks for 65 years and over

Any registered patient over the age of 65 years who has not seen a clinician for 12 months can arrange an appointment at reception for a consultation with the practice nurse. Housebound patients are requested to telephone reception to arrange a home visit.

Health checks for under 65 years

Any registered patient who has not seen a clinician for 3 years can arrange an appointment at reception for a consultation with the practice nurse.


HPV Vaccine

We offer this service on a private basis for female patients aged 19-55.  The service consists of a course of 3 injections over a 6-month period.   For more information, please ask at reception or read the HPV Link above.

Influenza Clinics (September to March)

The following groups of patients are invited for vaccination. To register your interest to receive this vaccination, please contact reception.  Please check the list below to see if you fall into an eligible group:

  • 50 years and over. 
  • You are in 'at risk' group (any age): - chronic lung, heart, kidney, liver, neurological disease, diabetes, Stroke/TIA and patients' with a reduced immunity. 
  • Pregnant women (1st, 2nd, 3rd Trimesters) 
  • Household contacts of patients with a reduced immunity, such as those receiving chemotherapy. 
  • Receive a carer's allowance, or if the well being of someone in your care may be at risk if you were ill.

N.B. We are unable to vaccinate anyone NOT in an 'at risk group'.  However, Boots Chemist and some supermarkets may offer a flu vaccination service.

Pneumonia Vaccinations

These are also strongly recommended to all over 65’s and the above risk groups. This is a single vaccine providing lifelong cover and is available all year round.